Furbaby Adventures: Lionhead rabbit; getting to know you…

Today marks the first full day that Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, has been with us…

Lionhead rabbit_Curious Gracie_3
Hmm, I wonder if I can hop on that bed?


I must say that the transition is coming along quite nicely.

Lionhead rabbit_Curious Gracie_2
Mommy, wait for me! I caught Gracie in mid hop as she was running behind me.


She’s becoming my little shadow and follows me around everywhere I go. Quilts were put down on our wooden floors, until she gets used to the slippery surface.

Just like Oreo, our Netherland dwarf bunny, she loves to binky and she also likes to lick.


Gracie’s extremely playful and friendly. She enjoys playing with my daughter and me.  We’ve already discovered that she  likes us to play ‘tag’ with her.  She runs close to us, bumps us with her nose and then runs off a bit, looking to see if we follow her. Once we follow and ‘tag’ her, she’ll chase us! I’ve had a few rabbits in the past that would do this also. It’s so sweet to be included in bunny play time.

Lionhead rabbit resting_2
Yawns, enough with the pictures. It’s my naptime!


Since I still had my collapsible Midwest Ferret Nation, I moved it from the shed, cleaned it and made a proper resting area for Gracie. Soft terry towels were laid on the floor, hay and leafy greens were put out for her to snack on whenever she was hungry. And of course, there’s her glass water bottle. That gets changed daily.

I also added a cardboard box to her resting area. It makes an excellent hideout for when she wants privacy, and it also gives her something safe to chew. Bunnies teeth are constantly growing. It’s important that they keep them filed.  After a few hours of play, she was ready to go to her new resting area and take a nap. A few hours might not seem like a lot of playtime for a young bunny. I’ve had three as an adult an the young ones never seem to tire, but Gracie is in a new environment. So even though she seems to be doing well. I’m sure she still has to adjust. She seems to have claimed her home as her ‘safe haven.’ As with Oreo, currently, we keep them in their homes when we can’t watch them.

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Thanks for talking about her resting quarters and play time! I’m interested in both as I have never had a bunny but thinking about it. Suzie is our “Queen Bee” so to speak and wouldn’t take well to a bunny but I have been thinking about doing a section in our basement for a furry friend in the future. I want to educate myself a great deal first, tho! 🙂
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@Opal,awwww can’t wait to see that
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