Furbaby Adventures: Pals sharing a snack

Posted by on September 3, 2013 at 9:13 pm.

As you can see our furbabies, Angel (our teddy bear guinea pig) and Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) get along well together.

Angel and Gracie eating carrot_1

Angel and Gracie sharing a treat


In this picture I snapped a photo of them sharing a carrot. It’s an occasional treat for our guinea pig and rabbits. They were thrilled and stopped eating long enough to pose for the camera. We gave Oreo, our netherland dwarf rabbit, a carrot also.  When I gave the carrot to Oreo, she wiggled her nose excitedly, bumped me gently with her nose, snatched the carrot and started munching contentedly. I guess their Christmas came early. Who am I fooling, just like with loved ones I like giving my furbabies special treats throughout the year. Speaking of Christmas, 90% of the hand crafted items I’m making (crochet, knitting and sewing) are complete! I don’t go crazy designing things for everyone on my list, because not everyone is fiber worthy.

But back on topic…

I’ve just finished uploading all the pictures I’ve taken over the Labor Day weekend. Gardening photos, food photos, daughter and nephew pictures are just a few of things I uploaded. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some of those pictures here sometime this week.


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