Furbaby Adventures: Sleepy Gracie

Posted by on October 5, 2013 at 8:08 pm.

The past few days Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, has been tired. I’m not surprised since she’s been partying through the night.

Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_1.10.5.13

Thankfully… she’s starting to settle down at night, but judging from these pictures she still needs to catch up on her bunny sleep.


Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_2.10.5.13

I must say it is cute to see her laying around the house. Most of the time, she’s hopping around our home with frequent stops to give me bunny kisses, before she moves on to explore whatever grabs her interest once again.

At times, I do wonder when she sleeps what does she dream about…

Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_3.10.5.13


Perhaps she’s thinking of playing in a large grassy field, hopping around and binkying… stopping only to munch on grass. And  perhaps when dreaming, she stops and gives us bunny kisses (that is if we make an appearance in her dreams.) 😉


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