Furbaby adventures: Stitches removed and female rabbit bonding

Gracie got her stitches removed today! Isn’t that wonderful?

Lionhead rabbit Gracie eating kale_2
Gracie, our albino lionhead rabbit, eating kale


We arrived at Chadwell’s Animal Hospital at 8:00 a.m. That’s the time they opened. We were the second customer there. Both of us waited for a bit. The first customer had a very distraught kitty and then there was our Gracie who seemed fine.

About twenty minutes later we were seen and off Gracie went to get her stitches removed. Upon her return, about five minutes later, the vet technician confirmed what we already knew… she’s healing nicely from her laceration surgery! The tech that removed the stitches reminded us not to pull on the scab that was remaining. Well… that’s obviously not the thing to do, but I understand that they do have to state the obvious to protect themselves.  So I just smiled and told her that wasn’t going to happen.

Female rabbit bonding

After the rabbit gone wild fiasco aka rabbit bonding gone bad, I didn’t think I’d try to reintroduce bonding to them this early, but a few hours after we arrived home, we decided to put the rabbits close to each other.

And even though  some advise to do this  after both are spayed, I decided to check it out. Oreo, our spayed bunny, is the aggressive one but as she’s come out of her shell, her antisocial tendencies (occasional growling and bunny swatting with her paws) has disappeared. So, I put them together to see what would happen. They were about two feet away from each other and they did fine. I was holding Oreo and my daughter held Gracie.

Female rabbit bonding - Gracie & Oreo_1
Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) and Oreo (our netherland dwarf bunny) bonding and hanging out together


While we didn’t get pictures of that interaction, we did take pictures a few moments ago. This time they were touching and they did fine! We were petting them both the entire time. Well my daughter stopped to take the pictures. I still don’t trust them down on the floor together. But we’re in no rush…

Female rabbit bonding - Gracie & Oreo_2


But it’s nice that we can (hopefully) have them both out (as long as we’re holding them) together! We’ll take baby steps with these two,  but since they are doing fine, we’ll keep having sessions like this and have floor sessions after Gracie has been spayed. She’ll be spayed this October.

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Glad Furbaby’s recovering well.
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