Giving Thanks; Vegetarians R Us

Posted by on October 12, 2011 at 8:24 am.

Vegetarian thanksgiving card

I made this card yesterday, thus far it’s the one I’ve spent the most working with.

My daughter added the beads, and she’d picked the leaf from our yard.

Okay, so it’s a bit early for Thanksgiving, however it still didn’t stop me from making the above Veggie themed Thanksgiving card. My daughter took time from her craft, to help too. She added the beads and the leaf. The beads came from my jewelry stash, and the leaf was picked from our yard.

Although I have Thanksgiving themed pictures/stamps. I knew I didn’t have anything vegetarian related. I’m not vegetarian, I’m vegan but since I couldn’t find a Vegan card that seemed to fit what I wanted, I chose the above picture.This picture, is a free image that I found online. I uploaded it to Photoshop, resized it to 50% of its normal size, and printed it.

Although there’s areas that I’d improve, I’m still happy with the direction I’m going — and yes I’m still posting ‘things that can be improved’ here.

One lesson learned, before stamping anything onto your finished card, it might be a great idea to try it out on sample paper first. You see the embossed area? Well I covered that because the words I had, Don’t Eat Me! didn’t seem to fit, with the card. Besides, I think it’s implied that Mr. Turkey doesn’t want to be eaten, right? Just look at the sign he’s carrying.

While making this card, I started thinking about Karen aka Kleo who had a fabulous blog called Pisces Place. She’s a lovely positive, friendly, compassionate person who just happened to be Vegan. I stopped by her virtual home often, while she was writing at Pisces Place simply because I enjoyed the vibe, and the wonderful community she’d established.

Giving thanks to Karen, and the many other fabulous folks I’ve met on the internet that always make their virtual homes inviting. It’s appreciated.


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