Happy Father’s Day; spending it with my dad, BF and his son…

Today we celebrate Father’s Day in the United States.

Our Lutheran church, recognized the fathers at the opening of the service; however, I didn’t get to see that, since I taught Sunday School today. I did work Father’s into our lesson about Barnabus. After the lesson, I gave the children (age 3 – grade 1 and grades 2-4) talk about their father’s. It was nice hearing the children talk about them. I can totally relate to the bragging, since I have a super awesome father that I appreciate immensely.



As you can see, from the included graphics, fathers have a huge impact on a child’s life. I am grateful to have a wonderful and supportive father.


The gifts that my daughter and I gave to my father were “practical gifts.” It’s what he truly enjoys… Also, we mixed things up and celebrated with others outside the family. My BF and his son joined us in the celebration and I must say we all had a wonderful time. I must say it was nice coming together over this holiday and it was wonderful that my parents got a chance to not only hang out with my BF, But his son too. They really like his son a lot and what’s not to like? His son is a polite young man. My daughter and I love him.

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