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Posted by on January 16, 2012 at 5:41 pm.

Opal 3

Last evening I crocheted this simple head wrap for my locs. It’s the same head wrap I wore while volunteering at the homeless shelter. If you look closely, you’ll see a pair of earrings. I made them myself. It’s one of my simpler beaded creations. The sweatshirt is my favorite; warm, roomy, and oh so comfortable! I wear it often.

I was planning to take photos (eventually) but my daughter beat me to that and snapped the above photo. I wasn’t aware she was taking the photo. In this picture, I was looking in the Ultimate Crochet Bible: A Complete Reference with Step-by-Step Techniques (C&B Crafts) for a finishing crochet stitch; I’ve settled on the shell stitch to edge the front of this head wrap.

suituapui says:

How about a photo of you wearing that? LOL!!! Imagine here in our hot country, we have those young guys wearing things like that – trying to be trendy by blindly imitating the ways of the west. Not very smart, I would say…
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In the comment section of my post, Happy Hooker: Crocheted my first (human) hat, Suituapui had mentioned that I should actually wear some of my crocheted items within the photos, so here’s one of them. I do post photos on my Facebook page, I don’t post as many here on Celebrate Life.

Suituapui, has an amazing food blog, perfect for the foodies out there. He shares plenty of delectable photos, and tales of his foodie adventure that will keep you returning to his site for more.

I still have a few additions I’ll be including with this head wrap… one or two crocheted flowers will be added, with beads woven into the crochet stitch. And perhaps a beaded crocheted cord to cinch the back opening? I’ve sketched out how I’ envision the updated head wrap, the only thing left is to start hooking.


  • suituapui says:

    That looks VERY nice! Really looks good on you. Wouldn’t be able to tell just seeing it like that in your earlier post.
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    Opal Reply:

    Hello @suituapui, Thanks!

    There’s a problem with me wearing that hat in the other post. It’s too small for my locs. I made it a bit smaller, to accommodate my daughter’s head. I know my daughter would complain if I warped the hat I’d made for her… 🙂 I’ll eventually, crochet a larger hat (using that color) for myself.
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  • Jennifer says:

    LOVE this! If you start selling those…let me know! My hair is getting longer and longer and I like my hair long because I can do more with it! I have been wearing hats more and wearing my hair in buns and ponytails. I’m not overly “cute” with my hair…just quick and easy, ya know…I think these would be great! I have also been into headbands again! Takes me back to the 80s! LOL 🙂

    LOVE the pic of you! You need to post more!!!! The sweatshirt DOES look comfy! Very nice!!! 🙂
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Jennifer,
    I’ll let you know, eventually I’ll see crocheted items, along with other stuff but for now, I’m just improving what I know.

    You and I are a lot alike. I’m the same way with my hair. I like quick and easy, now and again I’ll do something elaborate — but that’s rare. I’m the same way about makeup. The only thing I wear is a bit of color on my lips. I use a lip pencil for that, always hated the way that lipstick felt on my lips.
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  • Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Perfectly done, I am just wondering Opal when do you plan to show some videos regarding to the crochet you are making cause I really want to try it.
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