Heavy downpour, plants rejoice

Posted by on July 2, 2012 at 6:40 pm.

This past Friday night, we received some much needed rain in Maryland. Thankfully, after the rains had stopped it was a bit cooler. While it didn’t reach 100 F on Saturday, it still was in the high 80s.

Over 500,000 people were without power in our state. While our power remained on, a few neighbors within our community lost theirs. I believe their power was restored yesterday evening.

To get back to our community, you have to travel a small winding road, surrounded by woods on either side. After about a mile you open up into our community; 16 or 17 houses are back here. The community is quiet, the neighbors are friendly, and not too many strangers come back here. Just the way we like it… Most of our neighbors have at least one acre of land (we have four acres) with the largest having over 20 acres.

No Internet service

Our phone service went out Saturday afternoon, and was restored some time last night/this morning. Since we use DSL, we weren’t accessing the internet with those, and that was perfectly fine. Outside of work, and a bit of research I haven’t been spending too much time online. There’s plenty of garden work to keep me busy, and let’s not forget my obsession with everything crochet and knit related.

One of my works in progress, is complete. It’s a knit beanie hat, with a simple rib trim around the edge. No pattern used, just a design from my head, the hat has been marinating on one of my size 8 circular needles for a few weeks. but I’m happy to say that I completed it on Saturday.

Away for Independence Day

We’ll be away for the holidays, outside of checking on clients projects, I won’t be on the internet too much. It’s nice to take a break, you know? However this time, I’ve already packed the battery charger for my Nikon D80, and perhaps I’ll write a few posts while we’re away…


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