Hive Building; Tanzanian Top Bar Beehive

Posted by on June 18, 2013 at 12:36 pm.

The past few weeks I have been searching the internet for hive plans. I decided this time around that I didn’t want a Warre hive. I love my hive, but I want to try out other hives also.

Kenyan Top bar Hive


The Kenyan Top Bar Hive is really appealing to me, but I since I’m getting nucs at the end of June, I know this isn’t the best option. The nuc will be in a traditional Langstroth box.  I still wanted a Top Bar Hive and did a search to see if there was such a thing as a “Rectangular top bar hive” I thought this would be ideal since I could easily transition Langstroth frames into the hive.

Tanzanian Top Bar Hive

Tanzanian Top Bar Hive


Turns out there is, and it’s called the “Tanzanian Top Bar Hive!” This weekend, I’ll be purchasing the wood and hopefully I’ll have time to build my own  Tanzanian Top Bar Hive. Since I love the observation window, I believe I’ll add one to my Top Bar Hive. My daughter is excited since I told her that she can help.

I’m also thinking of ventilation tray at the bottom of the hive. Something I can “open” during the summer months and close once the weather gets cool.


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