Homeless shelter: Not green eggs and ham… bacon and eggs

Scott Pilgrim

This morning, when I told a friend that I made bacon and eggs for breakfast they were stunned.

Friend: Veggie bacon and eggs right?

Me: Nope, it was the real deal

Friend: So when did you stop being vegan? You’ve been vegan for like… forever!!!!

Me: Oh I still am!

Friend: Uhm…. ????

Because of their expression of what the heck is she going on about, I let them in on a secret. The bacon and eggs were made for the homeless shelter where I volunteer. No, I wasn’t scarfing it down myself.

Twice monthly, my Lutheran church prepares meals for the guests. Today, we had thirty guests. This homeless shelter is located in the suburbs, and so you”ll the majority of the guests is Caucasian that’s a bit different from I’m used to when I volunteer in the city.

I really enjoy doing volunteer work in homeless shelters. I imagine some might be surprised at how many are like you or me. It is even more common in this present economy.

No show

There was another lady who was supposed to help… unfortunately, she was a no-show. That was uhm… interesting especially since it was my first time at the location. I had no idea where things were located. However an angel appeared in the form of the man that had volunteered to stay over as the overnight helper. He hung back and assisted me when he realized I didn’t have any assistance. How sweet was that?


He told me up front he didn’t know how much help he’d be since he wasn’t a cook, I responded that any help he could give was appreciated. He did well, and the time flew by while we prepared a breakfast for 30 guests.

Service with a smile

The meal was served, and we had quite a few that came back for seconds (and in some cases thirds). Several thanked me for the meal, and told me it was excellent. I chatted with several guests while serving the food. I really enjoy chatting with them, and it’s a great feeling to help others when you can.


Leftovers from last evenings meal, was already packed in lunch bags, and given to the guests. The guests can’t stay there during the day, but thankfully since they receive a packed lunch they have a meal, and they can come back for dinner. Admittedly, I was a bit concerned at how they got around. It’s not like the homeless shelters I’ve volunteered at in the city, and so if they don’t have transportation, bus routes are sporadic.

This homeless shelter is small. I’ll definitely be coming back there to cook for the guests. Being there today, gave me ideas of other ways I can assist. I’ll be brining vegetables during harvest time, so the guests can receive the fresh produce from my garden. I’m also going to prepare a few treats to accompany the meals.

Asfaw Crown Wrap 1

I’m totally loving this loc wrap! I stumbled upon this beautiful loc wrap (and lady) on the Rebel with a Cause Facebook page. Once I learn a few more crochet stitches, I’ll definitely make something like this.

Since I have long hair, I had to tie my locs back. I figured if they had hairnets, it wouldn’t be large enougn to tuck all my locs into. Last evening, I’d completed a crocheted Loc wrap. Although not as fancy as the one above, I love it! More importantly, it serves its purpose — keeping my locs under wraps. My newly crocheted design turned my already fabulous locs a bit trendy with the added accessory.

Photo Source: AshlyNTess, Rebel with a Cause

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[…] evening I crocheted this simple head wrap for my locs. It’s the same head wrap I wore while volunteering at the homeless shelter. I made the earrings myself, and the sweatshirt is my favorite; warm, roomy, and so comfortable! I […]


Years ago I helped with the weekly Salvation Army Dinners and did once a month breakfasts and once a month lunches…there are LOTS of great food programs out there…but still not nearly enough in many places, you know!?

I LOVE these wraps! There are some awesome wraps out there! I also like the variety of ones Erykah Badu wears! LOVE the colors, the textures, etc.

Have you tried doing any fiber art necklaces yet?
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