Homemade macaroni and cheese

Posted by on January 6, 2013 at 9:15 am.

Last week I made my daughter homemade macaroni and cheese. Its one of her favorite foods.

Macaroni and cheese is one of my daughter''s favorite simple meals.

Macaroni and cheese is one of my daughter”s favorite simple meals.


My how her eyes lit up when I pulled that out the oven. I like surprising my daughter. The things I do usually aren’t extravagant,even little things can tell a person you’re thinking about them, right? I made it just the way she liked it… dark brown and crispy on the outside (thanks to the crust of toasted bread crumbs and finely ground cashews) and soft and creamy on the inside.

Homemade Macaroni and cheese_2


We don’t do the prepackaged macaroni and cheese since we both think most of them taste awful. You could say, that the version I make isn’t the ‘ traditional macaroni and cheese’ since I tend to put a whole lot of things in it besides those two ingredients, such as finely diced vegetables that go well with the two,  but it’s still quite tasty and when I’ve made it for various events… it’s never lasted.


  • Jennifer says:

    Hiya! I purchased a few domains this past week! I’m going to start posting on my crafting blog again soon and I’m still posting over at my Blissful Journey and purchased a Domain and FWD for that one I hope to start this next week, too!

    I have been tinkering with vegan Mac & Cheeses as of late – as you know – but – your daughter is a lucky girl – this looks special 🙂 And of course made with LOVE – the best part!!!
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    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Jennifer, Congrats on the domain purchase. I much prefer purchasing my domains and using a hosting provider since I was never fond of the free blogging sites. It doesn’t cost that much a year, and this way I have more freedom that isn’t offered with free site.

    You should check out WordPress, most hosting packages offer that or something similar much better (in my opinion) than Blogger aka Blogspot. Moveable Type is good also, but most use WordPress. I’ve used most of the blog platforms. Interesting to note, the companies I wrote for only used WordPress or Moveable Type the reason was simple. much more to offer than Google’s blogging platform.
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    Jennifer Reply:

    I have it FWDing fine and dandy but I think there is a way to point back just have to figure that out 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted..Simple As That – Memories


  • Sophie says:

    This looks pretty yummi! Now i feel like eating a big portion of mac’n’cheese!


    Opal Reply:

    Thanks @Sophie, My daughter loves mac & cheese, I look at it but I don’t eat it since most flour products has my stomach in knots…. 🙂
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  • Beth Ellen Nagle says:

    Looks delicious! I love when you post food. 🙂


    Opal Reply:

    @Beth Ellen Nagle, I’ll try to post more picture of food. I promise. 😉
    Opal recently posted..Intarsia knitting: Kitty love hat is finished


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