Ginger honey garlic sauce over chicken and brown rice

Posted by on March 31, 2012 at 9:41 pm.

Yesterday was one of those days…

Those who love to cook, might be familiar with it… you enter the kitchen with every intention of making a specific meal, but your creativity leads you in a different direction. Well that happened to me yesterday. It actually has happened quite often. I let the vegetables, spices, and yes… meats tell me what to prepare.

My daughter and father (mom was still in Texas) loved the dish so much, they ate every morsel of meat. The chicken had been marinated the night before in a sauce that I’d prepared, and the chicken made its final resting place in a honey ginger and garlic sauce. However, the only picture I have to show, is my daughter eating leftovers today.

Sauce Chicken brown rice 03 31 12

Of course, the above picture is beautiful. After all,  it features my daughter. But, it’s not quite the lovely photo I had in mind… I had a great presentation, but my daughter didn’t want to wait — and started eating the food before I could take the picture!

The brown rice had been cooked in a light herbal tea blend (I rarely cook rice in plain water) accompanied the dish. The rice was placed in a bowl, and the thick rich sauce was spooned over the chicken and rice. It made a lovely photo. To bad I didn’t take that picture. Ah well, next time…


  • suituapui says:

    You’ve got a very pretty daughter!

    Cooking rice in tea? Never heard of that before. Sure would like to try that sometime. Brown rice is supposed to h=be healthier.
    suituapui recently posted..Sisters are doing it for themselves…


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, Thank’s, I beleive she is too.

    I’ve been using tea with my rice for years. Initially I tried it, because I wanted ‘extra protection’ against a nasty flu virus that was circulating. The idea just poopped into my head, and I had to try it out.

    That was when I worked in the corporate world. Since that time, I’ve used a variety of teas while cooking my rice. I like that it imparts a delicate (or strong flavor) to the rice depending on what type you use. After reading the benefits of tea, I continued to use it, since it also imparts additional nutrients to the meal. 😉

    Yes, brown rice is a healthier alternative to the traditional white rice that many are eating. A few benefits of eating brown rice are; excellent source of many minerals such as selenium and manganese. It’s high in fiber, and can help promote weight loss, since you feel fuller eating less.
    Opal recently posted..Vegan: Dhal and brown rice with a ginger honey garlic sauce


  • I was looking for some good honey ginger/garlic recipes and found this. I absolutely love those flavors combined with chicken and rice. I had never thought of cooking it in tea before though. I will try it out, thanks for the interesting idea!
    Griffin @ Kernersville Web Design recently posted..Come see what we have built


  • Jennifer says:

    LOVE cooking with tea esp rice!!!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Day TWO Blog Hop for Chalk


  • John@Healthy Food Guide says:

    Thanks for posting. I’ve never thought of cooking rice in tea before!
    John@Healthy Food Guide recently posted..Healthy Food Guide


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