How could I have forgotten a Father’s Day post?

Posted by on June 17, 2013 at 9:28 pm.

Yesterday, I told my dad Happy Father’s Day. I also said that I didn’t need a special day to let him know how much he’s appreciated. He’s awesome every day of the year. I knew I was forgetting to post something…

But I did forget to make a Father’s Day post here.

To all those awesome fathers out there, you’re appreciated. I’m thankful for my father and I’m still a “daddy’s girl”. I’ve enjoyed following him around since I could crawl and that still hasn’t changed.

This year, for Father’s Day, my daughter and I got my dad things that he can use when he’s outside puttering around. Like most within my immediate family, he likes useful things and doesn’t really do anything with “frivolous items”. In fact, his items (which I ordered online) will come tomorrow. I didn’t order them earlier since I knew he’d be out of town on Father’s day!



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