How to double crochet three together (dc3tog)

Posted by on November 8, 2012 at 5:15 am.

I’ve really been enjoying Sarah’s scarf, which she’ll be calling windblown leaves, I think the name is appropriate.

During the process of creating this scarf my daughter got to see me “practice what I preach” , which is…Never give up! I faced a few obstacles (mainly because I’m not as knowledgeable about crochet as knitting) but I persevered and thanks to Sarah’s input, I’m a few steps away from the finish line. I just need to add the fringe. Additionally while crocheting this scarf, I learned a few more crochet techniques in the process. That’s just pure win!


I’m loving how this scarf looks, and it’s so warm!


When I took this project, I’d planned on using brightly colored yarns! However, when I frogged the scarf I opted for something completely different. The good news is, these colors look great on me. I must say, that I’ve enjoyed tracking my scarfs progress.

In hindsight I would have crocheted this with a thinner yarn like she used, but I’m really pleased with the thickness of the scarf, and I’ll definitely be making more of these scarves.

It’s  nice to know that the stitches I was doing to ‘get comfortable’ with crochet, actually have a name, right?


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