I only purchased two skiens; Caron Simply Soft

Caron Simply Soft Lt CountryPeach

I normally use acrylic yarns for testing new crochet and knitting projects…

The yarn is usually cheaper, which means I’m not as concerned about damaging the yarn, if I have to rip out the stitches. Over the years, acrylic has changed a lot, and giving the buyer a huge array of choices.

I only use acrylic, bamboo, or cotton blends yarns for my vegan friends.; I’m vegan too, and although I will crochet and knit items that aren’t, when it comes to making things for myself. I make sure its vegan.

But even if I weren’t vegan, I’d still only wear fibers that weren’t created from animals. Why? Animal fibers such as wool, mohair, and cashmere, make me itch like crazy! I have no problem crocheting or knitting with those fibers; I just can’t wear it near my skin.

 After dropping off my daughter at school, I returned one skien of yarn at my local WalMart. While there I had a nice discussion with the customer service employee who took my return. We got on the subject of crocheting and knitting hats, and she talked about the different ways she creates hers. Thanks for the tips!

After our chat,  I decided to take a stroll back to the craft area to see what they had. Uhm, I wasn’t planning on buying anything. /whistles innocently

And what did I see? Caron SimplySoft yarn. 6oz of the Lt. Country Peach was priced at $1.00 apiece, so why did I only purchase two? I must be insane!

These will work nicely for my paler complexioned amigurumi crochet dolls. If only, I could find appropriate caramel and chocolate tone yarn for some darker amigurumi dolls. I can also see myself using this yarn to make baby afghans for our church. Our Lutheran church has a ministry that gives crocheted afghans to church members babies that are getting baptized. The afghans are crocheted by volunteers within the church. While our church does a lot of outreach work; homeless shelter, food pantry, quilts created for those in underdeveloped countries, we have numerous ministries that look after our own too.

Ok, let’s ignore the fact that I disobeyed my no more yarn for a while shall we?

I only spent $2.12! In all seriousness, even when I was purchasing a lot of yarn. You know to build up my stash while I was learning crochet? I didn’t spend a lot on it; I had a budget and stuck to it. The only time I purchased yarn, was when it was on sale. Partly because I was new to crochet, and didn’t want to waste money purchasing yarn that I might mess up while learning to crochet. But it’s a habit that has stuck.

You know, I really should have purchased more than two skiens…

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I admire your willpower in only purchasing two skeins. That was a good price. But I know how dangerous it can be to build up the yarn stash too quickly and then have it sitting around too long. So unless you have some use for it in the immediate future it really isn’t a bargain. It just becomes clutter. LOL. So good for you. And you know what? I have the same problem with those animal fibers. They itch unbearably and you can’t always layer something under them or you’ll be too warm. So we’re on that same page. I will keep my eyes open for you for some darker skin-tone color yarns. I used to find lots of them but they never seem to be around when you are actually looking for them.


I find wool itchy too. They issued us wool socks in basic training, and first chance I got, I bought cotton socks to wear underneath…at least until I found black cotton socks. The sweaters were wool too…and itchy…always managed to get up on my neck. Ugh! 🙂

I don’t know that I would have stuck with just 2 skeins, but I have issues. 😉
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DH’s aunt travels for HOURS to find her yarns! I realize it’s a pretty specific and serious topic among those who fiber craft 🙂
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[…] I mentioned in an earlier post, I normally use the cheaper acrylic yarns when I’m working on “test projects.” Acrylics have come a long way and work up […]