In search of… embroidery floss

DMC embroidery floss

Despite my love for all things fiber; fabric or yarn, I rarely purchase items on a whim. I need a place to live, right? Based on my recent “crochet amigurumi” posts that might not be possible if I go on a yarn binge…

After church yesterday, my daughter, and stopped by Michael’s.  We browsed for a few moments, before I purchased embroidery floss. When I got home, I had a chance to get a good look at it; this floss is dull not glossy. I can’t use this floss. Since I haven’t opened the floss, returning the items shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m fond of DMC embroidery floss, and have been using it for about 25 years. I do test out other brands, but DMC is my favorite. 

Fortunately, Michael’s and AC Moore has coupons available, so I’ll be taking advantage of those. Michael’s coupon is for 40% regularly priced items, and AC Moore has a coupon for 50% off regularly priced items.

Although I know I can use other store coupons at Michael’s, I do believe I’ll pop into AC Moore. Why? It’s been years since I’ve been in the store, and I want to check out their selection of yarn… 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I normally use the cheaper acrylic yarns when I’m working on “test projects.” Acrylics have come a long way and work up quite nicely in completed objects. Also, there are several reasons why some would choose  acrylic over others; allergic to animal fiber, vegan, and cost, are a few reasons. I use all types of yarn, but I don’t mind working with acrylic.

Speaking of test projects…

I’ve only participated in one crochet pattern testing (thus far) I frequently create my own patterns for projects. Which isn’t surprising, since I’ve done the same with cooking, jewelry making, knitting, and sewing? While I appreciate an occasional pattern, I do enjoy creating my own too. I’m sure as with my other crafting projects, once I get to a certain level with my crochet, I won’t use patterns as much… But as with my other hobbies, I’ll still follow those that I like, since I’m also inspired by others creativity.

And sometimes… ‘l’ll take bits and pieces from other designs and create my own.

In other news…

I’m happy to see that Nicole is back online. I recently discovered her site, and have been enjoying her crochet and knitting adventures. Welcome back, Nicole… you were missed.

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gotta love those coupons – I just have Hobby Lobby here but print the coupon out every time I get it.
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My daughter decided she wanted to do cross stitch, and so we have a bunch of embroidery floss sitting around not being used. 🙂 I learned to embroidery in my early teens, and was not too bad at it, but I just didn’t stick with it. Someday… 🙂
DragonLady recently posted..Maniacal Monday #5


I remember when I was still in high school that I so love doing these kind of the colors..
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CoCo @ coconut water

I want to make some cool friendship bracelets with fish in them, but I don’t know how! Anyone have any FREE patterns with fish in them? It has to be with embroidery floss (thread) and no beads.