It is finished; knitted garter stitch scarf

When it comes to crafting, I’m happiest when I’m working on a project.

I really love how this wool scarf turned out. It’s squishy soft, thick, and it’s warm!


Last evening, I completed the simple garter stitch scarf for my father. My daughter asked if this would be one of his Christmas presents, and I told her no. My father will be getting this immediately!

This scarf is over 6′ long.


It’s over 6′ in length and it’s width is a little over 7″. If you’re a beginning knitter, this or an item using the garter stitch would be a perfect first project. I consider this stitch mindless knitting, since I really don’t have to think or look at my needles when I’m doing this or stockinette stitch. As a newbie, it wasn’t as easy. Hang in there (if you are a newbie) it does get better!

I do find the process soothing, and it’s a chance for me to unwind while keeping my hands busy.

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Sarah Jane

It’s gorgeous Opal, I’m sure your father will love it. Garter stitch is great for some mindless knitting.
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PERFECT for the upcoming weather!!!!
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YAY! That’s awesome 🙂
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