It’s official, I’m a pattern tester


Kitty and yarn

Yesterday, I received the opportunity to test a crochet pattern.

I’m thrilled since it’s a great way to keep my fingers active, and keep my crochet hooks busy; when I have time.


It’s not the first time I’ve offered to test a pattern.

My first attempt was a few months ago, but the crochet designer didn’t choose me. While I realize that not everyone will be chosen to test a pattern. I also realize that I wasn’t doing a great job of promoting my crochet skills.

Although I hadn’t been crocheting that long, I’d accomplished a lot. Mainly because I’m stubborn, and when I’m giving something new. I tend to put a lot of energy into it, until I’ve mastered it. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing with crochet.

So yes…I had the required skills needed to complete that project; I mean, I could crochet those stitches with my eyes closed! But, I readily admit, that I wasn’t doing a good job of marketing my crochet skills. Also, I hadn’t completed anything remotely related to amigurumi. Sure, I’d started on a crochet amineko back then, but it was far from being completed. I was too distracted by other crochet projects. I wasn’t doing a good job of selling my crochet skills.

Self Promotion

When you think about it… becoming a pattern tester, in some ways is similar to applying for a position. The employer wants  proof that you can do what you claim, and I wasn’t showing that. Initially, most of my designs showed on my Ravelry page, and here, were ones I created. I believe that’s great to come pull a project from your head,  but is it really showing a designer you can actually follow someone’s pattern, is it?

Fast forward to the present, if that same designer was to visit my ravelry projects profile, although the amount I have is small, they’re able to see that I can follow someone else’s pattern.

In addition, changing my approach, has also landed me a commissioned crochet project (which pays quite nicely I might add) and that has everything to do with changing how I’m presenting myself.

Pattern Testing: What’s my first project?

So what’s my first pattern test? It’s an adorable Cuttersaur toy; For some reason, it reminds me of Barney.

If you’re a Revelry user, you can follow my progress by checking out my Cuttersaur project page. I’ll also be posting updates here. Earlier today, I purchased the super bulky yarn needed, and hopefully I’ll be able to create a few rows during my daughter’s piano practice, which means it will be featured in my Work In Progress Wednesday.

Judging by the pattern, it should only take a few hours to complete.

A survey accompanied the pattern, and so I’ll be sure to write down my suggestions, if needed. Constructive feedback can be helpful for the pattern designer, since it enables them to make improvements (if needed) before they release the pattern to the general public.

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That’s awesome! You really do some nice work. I just love the animals you’ve done, they are soooooo cute!
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