I’ve beanie bad knitter

Posted by on June 22, 2012 at 8:25 am.

Get it? “I’ve beanie” instead of “I’ve been a”…

Ok, that was awful I know, I know…

Knitting beanie hat 1

Apparently I couldn’t stay away from pattern testing…

So while I’ve been a “bad knitter” and not keeping my promises on no more pattern testing for a while, I’ve made progress with making handcrafted gifts for Christmas.

Knitting beanie hat 2

Although it’s not complete this knitted beanie hat has already received a lot of compliments. I’ve been bringing it with me to Vacation Bible School. I crochet and knit in public whenever I have the chance, so this isn’t something “new” for me. It usually brings up a few people curious about what I’m doing, and it’s nice to listen to peoples perception about the craft.

Quite a few tell me about someone they know who does one or both. With certain knitted stitches like “knitting” and “pearling” I don’t have to look at my work, since my fingers “know” where to go. Perfect since I can knit while keeping my eyes on the class (fifth grade) I’m helping. I’ve been knitting while they’re eating their snack in our church’s huge fellowship hall. At that age, it’s wise to keep your eyes on them. They can get into many things.

Knitting video tutorial: How to do Slip Slip Knit (ssk)

I’m so used to working without a pattern that at times I have to not think of how I’d do something and instead focus on following the designer’s instructions. With a pattern test, you can’t deviate.

In this pattern, Spartz, the talented designer, is using the SSK (slip, slip, knit) stitch. It’s a stitch I’m familiar with but I didn’t check the way she wanted the decreases made, and now I have to frog the row.  Whoops!  Good thing I had just added a second lifeline, right? Installing a lifeline right before I start decreasing a row, is standard for me.

I’ve included a YouTube video so a new knitter can see how to make decreases using the slip slip knit (ssk) stitch.


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