I’ve beanie bad knitter; part two

Posted by on June 22, 2012 at 11:50 am.

It looks like I’ve really beanie bad knitter; refer to my last post about the knitted beanie hat

Naturally this is where I realize that I forgot to repeat a pattern with the beanie hat I’m making. These big mistakes rarely happen, so I’m laughing at this big oversight. You see… I was knitting each row, when I should have been one row “knit” and the next row a “slip” knit” sequence. Since I put off adding my knitting lifeline before I moved on to the color purple, guess who’s going to be frogging and starting over? Yeah… that would be me.

The good thing is, its not a big issue for me. I’m a process crafter, and while I could continue knitting, and it wouldn’t be that noticeable, unless you’re an experienced knitter (or someone really observant) it would bother me that I left this mistake, so yeah the stitches are being ripped out. As I mentioned before, I’m very tough on myself, so since it’s not right, I’m redoing this hat. 

Note to self… Opal, when you think about putting in a lifeline, do it. Yes, it looks like I’ve really beanie bad knitter.

I’d wanted to go down two needle sizes for the crown to make a tighter cable stitch, and now since I’m starting over… I won’t wait to the next knitted hat. I’ll make those adjustments, now.

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