Joey Feek: Softly and Tenderly (music video)

Posted by on October 30, 2015 at 8:56 am.

Yesterday, I heard one of my favorite hymns (Softly and Tenderly) on Facebook. At the moment, I cannot remember who posted the link; however, I remember clicking through just to hear how the singer preformed the song. I must say Joey Feek did an amazing job singing one of my favorite hymns and I truly love her voice.

Joey Feek is a country singer. I have never heard of her before and it seems she sings with her husband and they are known as Joey and Rory. Reading the backstory about this lady was bittersweet. Apparently she’s in stage four cancer and has been sent home because the doctors can no longer do anything for her.

Rory, her husband, posted this on his blog. She’s spending her remaining days with her husband Rory and their daughter, Indiana.


I’m not going to tell you that I’m okay with this because ‘God has a bigger plan’.  Or that ‘we’ll understand His bigger purpose somewhere down the line’.  That logic  doesn’t really work for me right now.  I’m not angry at God.  I’m not angry with anyone.  I’m just disappointed.  I hoped that Joey would get to be one of the lucky ones that somehow overcome stage 4 cancer and get to hear words like ‘remission’ or ‘cure’, instead of ‘I’m so sorry’.

It’s hard for me to feel slighted, when I know that the career that Joey and I have had – this amazing last 7 years or so – has only been, because God reached out His powerful hand and chose us.  He lifted us up from our little farm. and let us see and do things beyond our wildest dreams.  And you can’t be in awe of an amazing road that God leads you down, and then be any less in awe of a corner that He has you turn.

I think in the end… the good and the bad, He just wants us to give it to Him.

And so we do.

Wow… what a powerful testimony and an inspiration for me, the times that I lose focus. While I might not know where the path I’m on will take me, as long as I rely on God, he will see me through whatever comes my way. It’s something I already know but to see this being practiced by others is always an inspiration.

Since I really love her voice, I’ll definitely look up a few more of their songs and of course keep her and all her loved ones in my prayers.


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