Joining the Quilting group; Youngest member

Prom quilt cartoon

This cartoon made me laugh. My daughter saw it and frowned, I guess she foresees me doing something like that to her, but I promised her, I wouldn’t embarrass her like that.

Why should I? There are so many other ways that can be accomplished without me even knowing I’m doing that. I have tons of adorable childhood pictures, and equally cute childhood stories that are precious to me, but I’m betting as she gets older she’ll won’t be thrilled about me sharing some of those stories.  Sighs, kids…

Sunday, while at church, I chatted with a lady, who just happened to be over the small groups ministries at the church. I told her I’d be by the next day, to meet the quilting group and get additional information about some of their other outreach programs.

Monday, I arrived to meet the quilting group. I thought I’d only be there for about thirty minutes. You know,  just long enough to introduce myself, express an interest, and off I’d go. Boy was I wrong! The lady I spoke with on Sunday seemed surprised when she saw me. She introduced me to the ladies, who seemed happy to be gaining a new member. When they found out that I could sew, they seemed ecstatic.

As I suspected, at 41, I’m the youngest member of the quilting group. Which is perfectly fine, I have friends/acquaintances my age but I’ve always gravitated towards those a lot older than I, I’ve learned so much from them. The ladies seem to be retired, and the youngest is most likely in her late 50s.

As a new member, there was no sitting back and to observe the process. Since they knew I could sew, they were hoping I’d help. It’s why I volunteered right.  I rolled up my sleeves and started cutting.

Using my sewing skills…

Because they’re making quilts on a grand scale. They aren’t making hand sewn quilts, like the ones you’ll find at Karen’s virtual home. The material is cut, the quilt filler added, edges are secured with pins, and the quilts are neatly placed in a pile to be sewn. Guess who got to sew five quilts today? Yes, I had a chance to sew. Although the sewing machine is different from the ones I have at home, I got used to it and was soon sewing at my normal  breakneck speed.

Edited to add: The quilts are donated to Lutheran World Relief.

I started sewing when I was about seven or eight, creating a lot of designs that I’d dress the few dolls I owned. It’s the only time I played with dolls. I loved being outdoors. In my teens, I made a lot of my clothes, and in my twenties I participated in several fashion shows. At the time, its what interested me — so naturally I went after it. I’m determined that I won’t have any ‘what if’s in my life, and so I put a lot of effort into turning my dreams into a reality. Those were great times, I met some amazing people, and have lots of pleasant memories.

Anyway I’m getting sidetracked…

While sewing each quilt, I said a few prayers, hoping it would give the recipient as much joy upon receipt as the quilting group had making them. The room was filled with so much happiness, teasing, and joking among the ladies. Joined by a desire to help those less fortunate, even as a new member of the group, it’s obvious that they’ve become friends too.

I wanted to bring my camera, but I decided to hold off. How would that look, someone brand-new to the group coming out taking pictures? 😉 However, I’ll bring my camera next week so I can snap some pictures of the quilts, and if they ladies don’t object, I’ll include them in some of the shots, and I’ll share a few on my site.

Three hours later, our time was over. With cheery goodbyes from the others quilters, and see you next time. I left the group exhilarated (and a bit surprised that time had flown by so quickly).

It always feels great to help others, spending time in fellowship with like-minded souls is good for the soul too.

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where are they donating their quilts to? Sounds like they make a lot of them -have fun!
Karen recently posted..Design Wall Monday


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see some pics! I tend to converse more with those who are older that I am, too, it’s just the way it’s always been…even when I was very small!

PS: I noticed the CommentLuv is timing out.
It says…
cURL error 6: name lookup timed out
Just thought you might like to know 🙂


Aweome sounds like a wonderful thing and lots of work..havent quilted in yrs…good for you…<
Lynn recently posted..Use your punches


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