Juice Cleanse: Day 11 – Juicing dark leafy greens

Posted by on September 19, 2013 at 8:35 am.

This marks day 11 of my juice cleanse and I’m still feeling great!

Last evening I got a jump start on today and prepared my juice early. Isn’t it a pretty green color!
Juicing-Dark Leafy greens_1
This made more than enough to take a thermos to work today. It holds 2 liters/78 ounces.  I still have about four cups left over.

Juicing-Dark Leafy greens_2

I will say this is not a sweet juice, I think at times, that people juice too many fruit juices and ignore the awesome benefits of vegetable juices.

Years ago (when I first started juicing) I did the same thing. I liked vegetables, but tried to sweeten the non-sweet veggies by adding sweet vegetables or fruit to my juice blends. After a while I realized that I really shouldn’t do that, and started slowly increasing the non sweet juices to my juice blends. In time, my taste buds changed. Now, non-sweet vegetable juices are my go to juiced drink.


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