Juice Cleanse: Nothing but dark leafy greens

Posted by on March 3, 2014 at 9:20 pm.

One of my favorite juices consists mainly of dark leafy greens; collards, kale, dandelion, mustard and a variety of other dark leafy greens make their way into my Green Star. I typically add garlic, ginger, lemon or lime and some type of hot pepper.  I find the citric acid from the lemon/lime cut down on the some of the bitterness of the dark leafy greens and all you can taste is the savory aspect of the drink. If I want natural sodium I will add four to six celery stalks. I’m actually craving one of my dark leafy drinks now, but I’ll hold off and wait to juice tomorrow morning.

If I have time I’ll share my ‘lava juice’ recipe. My daughter took one sip of the drink I made and gave it that name. The freshly made juice was very delicious, spicy and hot.


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