Juice Cleanse: Sunshine juice

I juice daily, I found that none of the store bought juice can compare to the freshly made juices I make at home. Freshly prepared juices have more nutrients since none are destroyed since it’s not pasteurized.

Breville Apple Lemon Ginger juice 1_3.13.14

Last evening, when the winds were shaking our house, I made this juice.

Sunshine Juice

  • 10 apples
  • 2″ Ginger
  • 2 lemons


  1. Add all ingredients to juicer
  2. Juice, serve and enjoy

I was going to add a habañero pepper, but I chose not to do so. I’m currently sipping on the last cup of this sweetly delicious juice (to which I added one teaspoon of black seed oil) and I am about to juice pineapple in my Breville so I can take it to work. I don’t need additional stimulants to wake me up in the morning. I continually am boosting my health based on the foods I chose to consume. It goes without saying that a boost to my health, also means I’m enhancing my immune system. All the ingredients used helps your body fight off a variety of ailments. That’s always a good thing.

Apple Benefits

  • great for cataract prevention
  • detoxifying your liver
  • reducing cholesterol
  • enhancing your heart health

Ginger benefits

  • Aids in reducing exercise induced muscle pain
  • Ginger enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body
  • Gingers anti-inflammatory properties can aid in relieving joint pain
  • Ginger aids in nausea reduction

Lemon Benefits

  • Great for cleansing your bowels (I usually drink ginger and lemon tea first thing in the morning)
  • Vitamin C in lemons aids in neutralizing free radicals linked to aging and other diseases
  • Vitamin C and flavonoids in lemons help combat infections such as colds and flu


  1. Medical News Today: Daily ginger consumption found to ease muscle pain

Appliances used

  1. Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain




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Ginger is good. I love the pineapple ginger soda at my favourite cafe in town…and the ginger tea at Indian restaurants. Very nice. It’s “heaty” though – the Chinese believes the body can be hot or cold so one must take cooling or “heaty” stuff accordingly.
suituapui recently posted..Deep purple…


VERY true! I’m NOT a fan of store-bought Orange Juices – they just have a bunch of additional ingredients anymore – I would rather just have PURE – stand-alone Orange Juice in my Orange Juice!
Jennifer recently posted..“LETTUCE” Start Container Gardening!


A while back I heard that the oranges grown in the 1920’s had 80% MORE Vitamins and Nutrients in today’s grown Oranges…so sad!
Jennifer recently posted..The First of the Lettuces