July juice cleanse

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 9:08 pm.

I’m doing another juice cleanse. I must say that I really enjoy taking a break from solids throughout the year. I’m definitely not depriving my body of nutrients since I getting nutrients in a super concentrated form thanks to the variety of freshly prepared juices I consume throughout the day. Of course I’m still exercising and slipping in sauna sessions too. All those combined give me more energy than normal. Which is saying a lot, since I already have a high amount of energy.

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  • Jennifer says:

    I love hearing about your juicing – I’ve been doing mostly smoothies but will be getting into more juicing soon – I think. I have my Jack LaLanne but am thinking about being an Omega Citrus Juicer as well as upgrading my Juicer-Juicer…trying to think about a space saving one without spending TOO much or losing the quality of a good one, ya know!? So I might be buying 2 juicers in the future 🙂
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