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Posted by on October 11, 2011 at 9:43 am.
Tummy ache

House Mouse designs: Tummy Ache

I’ve only been stamping for a few months, however in that time I’ve accumulated a nice collection of rubber and clear stamps. I prefer the clear stamps; my daughter loves the rubber. Which means, I’m buying both.

So how did I get into stamping?ย It all started when a family friend, invited my daughter, and me to her home. Two tables was set aside (with plain cards) and numerous rubber and clear stamps.ย My daughter and I were overwhelmed. There was so much stuff! Stamps, card stock paper, glitter, embossing powder, embellishments.

On the first visit, I didn’t make anything. I mainly chatted with her and her mom, but I watched my daughter with interest.ย Upon leaving, we were gifted with numerous rubber stamps, and the next day I went to Micheals and added to our stamping collection.

Currently, House Mouse are the stamp series I’m enjoying the most. I was introduced to them by the same family friend. Naturally I was happy when I found the official House Mouse Designs store. (I found it yesterday)

I’ve promised myself I’ll be good — so currently I’m just looking, and while I try to decide which stamps I’d like to purchase first. It’s so hard, there are so many adorable House Mouse stamps that I like.

Card making is new to me, and as I told Jennifer of Blissful Place — it can be intimidating. I’ve checked out the sites… there are so many talented people out there. However, I’m not focusing on them, if I did I never would get around to trying it out for myself.

At times people are intimidated by others abilities of others, that it prevents them from even trying. Well, that’s not happening to me. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the past few days I’ve gotten some revelations, and have thought of ways I can add my own ‘personal stamp’ aka brand to my creations. Although I won’t be able to show it in everything I create, but i’ll manage to weave it into a few of my creations.



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