Keeping it simple: Sauteed vegetables; Broccoli, cabbage, green beans, parsnips and mushrooms

Those that know me, or have seen my food posts, know that I make almost all my meals. I eat mainly whole foods and rarely used processed items to add to the meals I prepare.

Sauteed veggies.10.30.13_2
Sauteed vegetable


Yesterday morning, I prepared this meal.  It’s a simple sauteed dish to which I added a few herbs and spices that I’d ground in my mortar and pestle. I didn’t add too much, because I wanted the flavors of the vegetables used to shine, and they did. I sauteed the vegetables for about four minutes, which wasn’t long and left a lot of the crunch one receives from eating fresh vegetables.

All the vegetables, with the exception of the parsnips, are something we eat constantly.  Last week, I purchased parsnips at our local farm. The parsnips I recently purchased, have been mainly been using them them in my vegetable juices, but yesterday they played a starring role in this dish. I will most likely use them again this weekend, when I make a oven roasted root vegetable dish.

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I cooked a vegetarian rice vermicelli dish the other day. Will blog about it – was really good!
suituapui recently posted..The same…


Parsnips! I recently did something with Parsnips too! Actually it was just roasted veggies but they were awesome! I have 3 left and should use them this week!
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Foods of Late