Keeping it simple: Two chowders; potato and fish

Posted by on October 10, 2013 at 9:52 pm.

Cool weather and a thick and chunky chowder seem to go nicely together. Earlier this week, I made two varieties; potato and fish.


Ground spices.10.07.13

My granite mortar and pestle was used to grind up the spices. I love the smell that permeates the air from a good old fashioned mortar and pestle grinding.

Shiitake mushrooms.10.07.13

Remembering that Kenny had given me some Shiitake mushrooms, I added that to both chowders and I must say the delicate flavoring of the mushrooms was perfect for this chowder.


Potato Chowder_1

“You added celery!” my daughter squealed before she dug in… she loves celery! Regarding the chowders, I made plenty so that we could have leftovers and although I had intentions of freezing some of the chowder, that wasn’t about to happen since my daughter and father gobbled up both varieties. I sampled the potato chowder and I must admit it was quite good. With the fish chowder, It wasn’t swimming with fish, but I added enough to the dish that you weren’t hunting around for it. My daughter and father said that was delicious.

My daughter and I took our time to eat our chowder, savoring each bite while we read books in front of the wood stove.


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