Knit Picks & customer service; an excellent experience

Posted by on July 20, 2012 at 1:42 pm.

Tuesday, when my circular knitting needles arrived from Knit Picks, I thoroughly checked them out just to make sure everything was fine.

All past the Opal test with the exception of one of the size 4 circular needle tips. It was slightly bent at the part where you screw the needle  onto the cable. I could have called Knit Picks toll free number that day; 1-800-574-1323. I didn’t. But, I did call about thirty minutes ago.

Knit Picks customer service

When I was researching interchangeable knitting needles, part of my research included customer service. That, to me at least, is as important as the product. I must say the comments, I’ve read about Knit Picks customer service has been impressive, and while I wasn’t expecting to need them I’m pleased with the service I received. The customer service lady I spoke to was polite. After I gave her my #order number, and told her the reason for my call, she told me that I should receive my interchangeable needle replacement within 5-14 days. She also told me that folks on the East coast tend to receive there shipments sooner. Based on the speed that I received my Knit Picks nickel plated circular needles (earlier this week). I wouldn’t be surprised if I get my size 4 knitting needle a bit faster.

While I could have gotten my Knit Picks nickel plated needles cheaper on Ebay, I chose to purchase directly from Knit Picks, that way if I ever had any issues with the needles, based on their customers reviews, I knew I’d be able to replace an item without an issue.

Because of the awesome needles, and the amazing customer service received, I’ll definitely be purchasing from Knit Picks again.


  • Nicky says:

    There customer service is no joke. As much as I try to quit them, I can’t. A package I bought for a swap got stolen by someone in my building. I called and got a replacement, no questions asked within 2 days! They sent is express shipping.

    Great customer service cannot be beat.
    Nicky recently posted..Third Time’s A Charm Baby!!!!


    Opal Reply:

    Wow @Nicky, Now that is impressive!

    The imperfection with the needle wasn’t that noticeable, but I spotted it fairly quickly. I wasn’t upset about it, sometimes imperfections will slip by inspection. The needles are made in India.

    When I was actively running my natural products company, I had to do that a few times; replace items. The first time, the items I sent to someone in Canada had broken, I replaced the items free of charge, and gave her a few goodies. I live by the motto of treat others how you want to be treated.

    Because of my willingness to work harder than most people, polite approach, and my desire to do little things to brighten my customers day… I did fairly well. I still make natural body products but these days I’m more local, one day I might go back online with it though.
    Opal recently posted..Updates; Back online, family room renovations, and Knit Picks interchangeable circular needles have arrived


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