Knitted Coraline sweater; child and adult size

Posted by on June 19, 2012 at 2:27 pm.

I’m not sure what possessed me to search for a human sized Coraline sweater, but about an hour ago my search led me to the official Coraline website, and there I found a knitted Coraline sweater.

I’d written about Coraline’s sweater before

ICoraline jones profile‘d read the Coraline by Neil Gaimon years ago, and only saw the movie recently. Since that time, my daughter, and I’ve watched Coraline the movie numerous times. When watching the movie, my daughter’s crocheted amigurumi Coraline is right beside her.

Part of my fascination was the miniaturized outfits, some were obviously knitted and the signature sweater was knitted by Althea Crome.

While I highly doubt that I’ll make a knitted Coraline sweater for myself, I do know my daughter would love this sweater.

I’ve printed out my .pdf copy of the free Coraline knitted sweater, and when the weather is cool, I’ll curl up while my daughter is doing her homework, and start knitting her a Coraline sweater.


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