Knitted ribbed beanie hat progress

Posted by on June 25, 2012 at 6:26 am.

Do you remember the silly mistakes I made with the knitted beanie hat?

Hopefully the knitted beanie hat mistakes are behind me. I did make another simple mistake yesterday. Instead of doing 3″ of the brim color, I went ahead and did 5″.

Knitted ridged beanie hat 2 new

I included the large brim in the above picture, shortly afterwards I frogged it back to 3″. The purple isn’t part of the design, those are my lifelines, in case of a mistake (like was made here) I just have to frog (rip out stitches) to where it’s mistake free, or in this case frog to 3″.

In my defense I do like making the ridge stitch. It’s simple and elegant. After ripping out the stitches, I immediately proceeded to add one more row of that color, before switching to purple for the crown.

You could say this was a teachable moment, since I used this opportunity to talk with my nine-year old daughter about mistakes, and how we all make them. Instead of giving up, we should continue trying until we get it right. It sounds simple enough right? Amazingly a lot of people give up on many things, because they weren’t able to master something, early.

The reality is there are many things in life that will take a lot of practice before you master the technique.


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