Knitting adventures: Another dreadlock tube

Posted by on August 27, 2014 at 8:24 am.

It’s obvious that I love knitting dreadlock tubes. This is the fifth one that I’m making for myself.

In fact, I used this yarn to knit my first dreadlock tube; however, the pattern used was a simple stockinette stitch. Also, this tube will be much longer.I’m hoping to finish knitting this sometime this week.

Dreadlock tube Malabrigo 8.27.14

Kitting Dreadlock tube using Malabrigo yarn

I’m using some of the super squishy Malabrigo yarn that I’ve come to adore. Because of the variegated colors, doing an intricate pattern is pretty much lost; however, that didn’t stop me from doing a simple rib stitch. That’s not too fancy.

The next dreadlock tube I’ll knit will be dusky rose, then a lime green and perhaps I’ll knit one in winter white. After that… who knows?


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