Knitting: How to make increases

Posted by on June 17, 2012 at 6:18 am.

Yesterday, I mentioned I requested to test a quick knitting pattern for a designer who posted on Ravelry.

The project took only a few hours to knit; I made it last evening.

As a knitter you’ll occasionally create an item  that requires knitting increases. It was required in the pattern I tested, and while I learned how to make increases in my knitting a long time ago, I was about eight years old, a new knitter might not know how to make them. If they’re like myself seeing someone doing certain things can be more helpful than reading about it.

I searched for some knitting video tutorials that did a good job showing how to make knitting increases in your work…

Unlike the crochet video tutorials, thus far, the knitting video tutorials I’ve found don’t even compare to the ones made by Teresa Richardson aka crochetgeek on YouTube, most of the ones I’ve seen weren’t done in slow motion.


The above video is one of the better knitting videos I’ve seen that shows users how to make knitting increases within their work.  So if you’re new to knitting, check out the above video on how to make increases.


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