Knitting: Lacy Fern Afghan

Posted by on August 20, 2012 at 7:29 am.

The past few week has been extremely busy….

Several clients projects were completed. Gardening and other yard work was completed. I canned jams and jellies. And I still managed to make time to play with fiber. Below you’ll see the left side panel of a knitted afghan. It’s one of my newer works in progress.

This design reminds me of wheat. I love it!

The downloadable pattern is called Hawaiian Lacy Fern Throw. I must say it was a bit confusing because although there was a errata page it’s labeled as a Lacy Fern afghan. After a few moments of digging, I learned that Hawaiian Lacy Fern Throw and the Lacy Fern Afghan, are the same pattern,they just have different names. If you’re looking for updated pattern information for the Hawaiian Lacy Fern Throw or the Lacy Fern Afghan, check out the errata page.

Initially I was planning on casting on another afghan from the book Gorgeous Knitted Afghans, but I couldn’t find an errata page. The afghan I loved had a lot of errors. While I still enjoy looking at the gorgeous afghans within that book, I’m a bit disappointed that the errata page isn’t easily found.

But back to my lovely afghan that I’m knitting…

This pattern consists of 12 rows, repeated 17 times. I’m just starting on repeat #6. I still have the humongous center panel to complete, and the right panel. Yep, this will take a while, but I’m enjoying this project immensely. It’s simple and relaxing a perfect project to knit, while hanging with my daughter.


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