Knitting: Not feeling the trim

Posted by on June 12, 2012 at 2:47 pm.

When it comes to crafts, I enjoy juggling a few projects at a time. So it’s not a shocker that I’m usually working on two or three, and in some cases many more. 

Knitting ribbed stockinette hat 1

The above photo is the ribbed stockinette hat that I’m knitting. 

Knitting ribbed stockinette hat 2

But, I soon realized that I hated the trim that I crocheted onto the brim, and I’ve since removed it, since it annoyed me so much. The hat should be completed by tomorrow, That’s… if I work on it later today.

Soon, my daughter and I’ll be heading out for her piano practice, and then we’ll return to an afternoon of crafts. It’s too wet to be outside (raining most of the day). She’s focused on designing/sewing additional outfits for her Monster High dolls, and of course I have many projects, like wrapping up the crocheted and knitted bag.

And there’s a new project,  my daughter’s knitted hat.  Earlier today, I casted on her hat using my size six circular knitting needles. The pattern will remain similar; a few rows of stockinette stitch, followed by a few rows of ribbed stitch, and finished off with more stockinette stitch.  

But… it won’t be a smaller replica of mine. Instead, her hat will be done in the multicolored cotton (trim) you see in the above pictures. It’s her choice. Also, I’m thinking of sketching out a simple design onto graph paper, and knitting that onto her hat.  There’s so many things she adores; animals, tons of insects, and hearts… Hmm, guess I better dig up an appropriate yarn, eh?

Ahh… decisions, got to love them.  


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