Knitting: Reusable dishcloths

Posted by on June 23, 2012 at 9:17 pm.

Vacation Bible school is over, and while I enjoyed my time volunteering with the fifth grade class, I’m pleased that it’s over, since some of my work was put on hold while I volunteered.

This evening, during my down time, I knitted a few more dishcloths. In the past I’ve made them out of terry cloth, and a few months ago, I crocheted washcloths and dishcloths… But I’ve never knitted a dishcloth (although I’ve received a few). Which makes no sense whatsoever since I’ve been knitting for thirty-three years.

With the knitted dishcloths I made this evening, I used a simple waffle stitch; first row.. knit and purl (k3,p3) second row, purl, knit (p3,k3) next row knit, next row purl, rinse and repeat to desired length…. I used 100% cotton yarn (Sugar’n Cream).

Knitting video tutorial: How to knit the waffle stitch


The waffle stitch, adds texture to a knitted dishcloth, which comes in handy when you need to do a bit of scrubbing. I find cotton to be a much better option than an acrylic yarn, some of the dishcloths I crocheted were made from acrylic, but cotton is definitely more absorbent.

If you think about it, reusable dishcloths are a better option than the standard store bought sponge. You don’t have to continue to replace them as often, some dishcloths I’ve been using for a few years, since once they’re dirty just toss them into the washing machine, and reuse. I love it, economical and environmentally friendly too.


  • Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait to see pics! I totally know what you mean about a week long event…while you enjoy the time…other things tend to be put on hold! I have a few of those type of weeks coming up soon! I bet your daughter is going to miss it tho! Sounds like she had FUN!!!
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    Opal Reply:

    I’ll try to post some today @Jennifer, Yesterday was busy since I was catching up on gardening, and some indoor housework. She had a lot of fun.

    The last day was this past Friday. I didn’t get too much accomplished at the house since she had an all day playdate, until time for VBS. Her best friend/schoolmate was over from 10:30 until I dropped her BFF off, right before we went to our Lutheran church.
    Opal recently posted..I’ve beanie bad knitter; part two


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