Laboring on Labor Day

Posted by on September 2, 2013 at 9:35 pm.

Today is Labor Day in the United States…

Although I had every intention of doing absolutely nothing outside of hanging with my daughter and my six year old nephew (he’s visiting for the week) reading and maybe playing a bit of World of Warcraft today proved to be quite busy.

Let’s see… I did some gardening and the rabbit homes were cleaned. Fresh hay was put into their hay box and their old towels swapped out for clean towels. Since their homes get cleaned daily it really doesn’t take that long to complete. One of the perks of cleaning their home daily is that our home doesn’t have a funky animal smell!

Today, besides animal maintenance, our home received it’s usual cleaning. The floors were steam mopped with my Hoover Twin Tank steam mop and the kitchen received some steam action with my portable steam mop.  I washed, dried and folded three loads of clothing. Washing is done several times per week in our household. NO, I don’t always feel like doing laundry, but I do it anyway. My daughter helps too.

After those chores were complete, it was time to “rest.” Late this morning you could find my daughter, nephew and myself outside having a water fight. Since I’m an early riser all those chores were complete before 11:00 a.m. It was a lot of fun. I mainly filled the balloons with water and watched them play about our property. It turns out they wanted me to be more active in the actual water fight. Invitation accepted! Later this week, when we have a water balloon fight, I’ll be sure to play more of an active role.

Since my nephew can be a picky eater. I kept the meals simple. Today, I made hamburgers for their lunch.  The burgers were a blend of ground pork and ground beef. To that, I added eggs, finely chopped onion, roasted garlic, and freshly ground black pepper and sea salt. I mixed everything thoroughly, formed into patties and placed in a skillet. Once they were finished they had the usual condiments (ketchup, mustard, pickles) and there was also spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and raw onions fresh from the garden. Results? Well they both liked the burgers and my six year old nephew ate two burgers immediately! He ate a third about two hours ago. There’s only one burger left. I guess I should have made more.

Even though my day didn’t go as planned with the reading, knitting and gaming (such as playing World of Warcraft) when my daughter and nephew were entertaining each other, I still had a great day and I got so much accomplished. That feels awesome!


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