Lenten: Serving others; A busy month

My goodness this has been a busy month!


Lenten is in full swing at my Lutheran church, and although it’s the first time I’ve been a member of a church that actually recognizes it, I’m enjoying the extra fellowship immensely! Wednesday, the choir that my eight-year old daughter is part of, sang in the evening Lenten service.

Unfortuantely for us, and many of the other children and their families, we left immediately after they sang, Wednesday is also their choir practice, and so we had to rush home, get our children changed, and back to church we went. Many of us left early, because homework still needed to be completed.

John 15:12

“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

Serving others: Homeless shelter

This morning I was at one of Maryland’s homeless shelters, making breakfast and fellowshipping with the other breakfast volunteer. It’s the first time I’ve met her, and I really enjoyed learning more about her, swapping stories from our lives, and conjuring up ways we can make the breakfast served at the shelter a bit more interesting. I told the other volunteer,  that I’ve wanted to branch out beyond the standard ‘bacon and eggs’ and so it was nice too learn, that occasionally others from our church have done that. I love to cook, and enjoy making all sorts of dishes, including breakfast cuisine, and so my mind is already set into motion for what I can make for next Thursday’s breakfast. Our church volunteers at the shelter twice monthly.

Food pantry and Global Missions Sunday

Tomorrow my daughter and I will be volunteering at our church’s food pantry. My daughter really enjoys helping with this ministry, and I look forward to interacting with the other volunteers, and those who receive the generous food donations from the kind-hearted people in our church.

I’ll be sure to take photos of the food, but will only take pictures of the people that receive the food — if they’re allow me to take their photos.

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