Liferegenerator: Wild Herbal Lemon Ginger Blast Juice

Another one of my favorites videos, love Teresa Jordan’s (aka Raw T) ponytails. She’s married to Lonnie Jordan, founding member of War.

What’s even more impressive is that she’s was in her early fifties when this video was made. I think she was 54?

Teresa Jordan raw-t-2
Teresa Jordan (Raw T)

She’s in phenomenal shape and she’s gorgeous. Just look at her skin, hair and her eyes. She’s glowing! I love that! Lord willing I’ll still be in phenomenal shape when I reach her age. That’s a little under 11 years from now…

Lady Crush

(n.) an overwhelming sense of awe felt for another lady, elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to giddy enthusiasm.

Ok, ok, ok… enough of the lady crush that’s going on in here. I love the kitchen in the photo. It’s set up similar to ours. The cabinets look identical to ours along with the slate floor. With the exception that we have dark marble for the counter tops and center island.

Teresa is a raw foodist. I’m guessing she still is one, although I haven’t read too much about her in a few years.

Of course watching the video made me eager to start juicing with produce from my own garden and picking wild crafted herbs during my daughter and my travels in our woods.

I love all the seasons, so yes… I am enjoying the frigid temperatures we’ve been receiving over the past several weeks. For myself, it’s all about being thankful for what you have and making do with what God has brought into your life. This past week, it was below 0 for a few days. When Spring arrives, I’ll enjoy that also and will be happy when I can use my own fresh produce in my juicers (Breville and Green Star) and also my blender (VitaMix.)

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I know we were chatting on FB about this but I also have to comment, here, too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shirt! I will start posting more pics of my Bob Marley Shirts soon! And one of these days I will wear pigtails in my hair JUST BECAUSE lol.

Do you follow Mimi Kirk? She’s 75 and looks like she’s in her early 40s! (if that!)

LOVE Dan The Man’s Videos!
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Our favourite drink at our favourite cafe in town – pineapple ginger soda. Very nice!