Loads of carrots…

Posted by on April 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm.

carrotsYesterday, I made a juice blend of carrots, ginger, garlic, spinach and kale.

The carrots added sweetness to the blend and the ginger added a bit of spice (along with energy). Garlic was added since it’s great for the immune system (just like ginger.) Spinach and kale were added since they both have numerous vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C, and K are some of the numerous nutrients that can be found in Kale. Kale also contains lutein and zeaxanthin compounds which are excellent for eye health.

About seven years ago, my eye doctor commented on the improvement he saw in my eyes. The only difference, was I’d started juicing several times weekly.

I’m not much of a supplementation person, I find that I stay in “top shape” (not just my words but my health care providers also) by making correct health food choices, exercising, and handling issues I face in a non-stressful manner. When it comes to foods, I mainly eat whole foods. Which means, I stay as close to the natural food source as possible. Because of that,Β  you won’t see me purchasing too many processed foods or supplements. I figure I don’t need them if I’m making healthy whole food choices. It seems my health care provider agrees with me.

A quick and easy way to increase the amount of nutrients I consume is by juicing. I’m able to consume much larger quantities of nutrients than I’d ever be able to eat in one sitting. My Green Star juicer has a permanent stop on our kitchen counter top. The juicer cost me over $300, but was well worth the price I paid. I figured with a high quality juicer I most likely wouldn’t need a plethora of supplements, and I was right. In the late 1990s (a few years after being vegan) I did purchase supplements. Marketing is good for those products, but I was skeptical and after a lot of nutrition research I figured I most likely could get the same results simply by eating whole foods.Β  I was right.


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