Long term vacation planning, Europe or…?

Posted by on March 14, 2017 at 9:12 pm.

This afternoon, I asked my daughter where she’d like to go on vacation once she graduated high school. That’s four years from and that gives me more than enough time me to save. She rattled down a few places; Hawaii, Bahamas, Bermuda… and then her eyes widened and she said, “London!”  Right now London, is at the top place on her short list. Who knows, it might change… she has four years after all, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll start saving the money to fund that trip soon. Four years will be more than enough time to turn that dream into a reality. Of course, after I get a sizeable amount set aside, I think the best option would be to let that money sit in a money market account or something similar so it can accumulate a bit more interest as it matures. I still have time to decide on what way I’ll be going with that since I won’t start saving for her trip until after schooling (she attends private school) for the next year is paid. That should be taken care of before summer.

Cold processed soap just added to their soap molds


We were supposed to get lots of snow overnight and throughout the day and while it started out that way, we ended up with a few inches of snow and a lot of freezing rain! Brr…. thankfully I had no where to go, and of course my daughter’s school was closed which meant we had more time to hang out together and this evening, I made some more cold processed soap. It’s a new recipe that I created and it should produce a hard bar of soap with lots of lather. I can’t wait to try it and see what my testers think about the soap. I’ll give this about six weeks to cure. I scented it with cedarwood essential oil.

Another You Need a Budget mention…

Since I had a lot of extra time today, I made the most of it, by spending time with my daughter. I do that daily, but since she’s out of school, well we had more time. Also, I did some work with my business and I actually sat in on a You Need A Budget (YNAB) seminar titled,

Pay for Big Expenses without Borrowing

Learn to use your budget to help you pay cash for big ticket items instead of borrowing. Whether it’s a wedding, a new baby or a major home improvement, we’ll show you how budgeting can help you avoid the debt trap and find the cash to make your bigger financial goals a reality.

I might have mentioned this class in an earlier post. I logged into the class knowing how to do this, and I already incorporate that into my own life, but I figured I might pick up some helpful tips also. After all, it’s not always wise to assume you know too much about a topic. I don’t. I’m always willing to learn more. There was a lot of information that I had known, but it was nice hearing that others are doing similar things as myself. And I did pick up a few great tips. The lady who taught the class, is older and has children that are married with their own children. Some of her big expenses came at Christmas, when her and her husbands children and their grandchildren came home for the holidays. For her, planning in advance meant no extra bills after Christmas was over. I shared my story about my recently purchased car, that I’d been saving for, and my long-term goal… vacation. I also mentioned including my daughter in the budgeting process and that’s when she shared something awesome. Students can take advantage of You Need a Budget for free. Yes, their first year is free. It’s normally $50. Currently, I’m still under my trial period. I have two months, and eight days. When I was in my early twenties, it took me a lot longer to save for big purchases. In some cases, additional sacrifices were made to reach those goals sooner. It was definitely worth the effort.


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