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Posted by on January 26, 2013 at 9:53 am.

I’m going to document my progress with sewing machine embroidery so I’ll be posting many of my new mistakes. One annoyance I’ve always had that many online don’t post their learning mistakes. That can be discouraging for some (not me since I’m very stubborn and will persevere until I get it right.) I really have no issue just showing mine, since we all start at the beginning with something and the results might not always be awesome.

This morning after my daughter and I came inside from playing in the snow I played around with SewArt for a little while…

I converted this Monster High logo…

Monster High Skull

Monster High Skull


to a Monster High embroidery version, and I was able to save it in the *.pes format

Monster High logo being converted to a *.pes file via SewArt

Monster High logo being converted to a *.pes file via SewArt


And here’s a close up of the simulated embroidery via the SewArt program…

Monster High logo turned to an embroidery file

Monster High logo turned to an embroidery file


Switching this logo into a *.pes file was fairly easy and should give you an idea why some companies are able to pass off knock off items as the real thing. If a person/business has the right tools … they will fool some people. Last evening, I saw someone selling a Monster High *.pes file on Etsy, due to trademark issues they would be in trouble if Mattel decided to pursue them, since that person is trying to make a profit off of Mattel’s intellectual property. Mattel doesn’t seem to have an issue with ‘fan based art’ and occasionally I’ve seen them link to those artists, but the difference is they aren’t trying to make a profit and I’m guessing they might view that as free publicity.

Oh by the way, the World of Warcraft character, Agrra, successfully converted to an embroidery file. Blizzard is another company that’s fairly good at giving recognition to fan based art. According to the above simulation it should take about 30 minutes to complete the above Monster High logo and Aggra will take over seven hours to complete. If I hadn’t reduced the detail it would take even longer to embroider 😉

If I have time, today, I might create my own designs and convert them to *.pes. My daughter is thrilled about this program since it means she can make her designs on a graphics tablet, convert to SewArt and transform those into a *.pes file to be sewn on an item.

The only thing left is to see how other images transfer onto fabric. Hopefully I’ll be able to post completed machine sewn embroidery sometime next week.





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