Machine sewn quilts; Needle and thread Thursday

Posted by on April 12, 2012 at 12:31 pm.

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve completed my crocheted Amineko, and I’ll be entering her in Finished Objects Friday

Today I discovered a new blog hop titled, Needle and Thread Thursday, perfect since I also sew…

Quilts Global Missions Sunday 6

I’ve been actively sewing since I was about seven years old, I started making my own clothing/designs in elementary school, and had my designs featured in local fashion shows in my twenties…

For my first Needle and Thread post I thought I’d put the spotlight (again) on the wonderful ministry at our local church; The quilters group… These were some of the quilts at our Lutheran Church’s Global Mission Sunday, 136 quilts were dedicated to the Lutheran World Relief.

My Church’s quilting group makes each quilt

We all have a part in making each quilt. I mainly do the sewing, I’m fast, sew straight seams, so the quilts fly off the machine. Most of the other ladies take care of the piecing, I assist with that if there are no more quilts to sew. All the women are much older than me, but they made me feel welcome from the day I walked into the quilting group. They are part of my crafting family.

Quilts Global Missions Sunday 1

These days my sewing, that’s not volunteer based, mainly revolves around my lovely daughter. I enjoy making things for her!

Sharing with others…

One of the ways I celebrate life, is sharing my talents with others…not everyone is as fortunate and so I volunteer when I’m able. I had good role models, both of my parents were always willing to assist those in need. Which was hard at times, since they didn’t have too much when my brother and I were young…

Helping make quilts, crocheting bears for the Mother Bear Project, creating cards for Operation Write Home,and assisting my churches ministries; local homeless shelter and our church’s food pantry, are a few ways I can show strangers that someone does care about them.

What I’m reading…

Hello My Name is Amineko

This morning, I completed my first Amineko, my eight-year old daughter has already requested another one, so I’ll most likely start on it within a few weeks. I used a pattern to crochet Aminko, the pattern is located in the book Hello my name is Aminkeo: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat.

This book differs from many crochet books I have, in that it tells a story (through pictures of crocheted kitties) about a crocheted cat named, Amineko and his friends, and their escapades.



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