Meyers Briggs: What’s your personality type?

Posted by on February 5, 2015 at 11:58 am.

intj PreviewAccording to Meyers Briggs, my personality type is INTJ. Over the years, I’ve taken the test a few times and, based on my answers, it always list me as INTJ. I didn’t take the test to determine who I am. I’ve been me for 44 years, if I have not figured it out by now, something is really wrong, don’t you think.

INTJ’s are supposedly one of the rarest personality types out there. making about 2% of the population. Women who have this personality are even more rare, supposedly less than .08%? Imagine that. It does make me wonder how they come by these numbers? I’m guessing it’s based on who takes the test and then, you have to hope they’re being honest, right?

It wasn’t until recently that I actually read what my personality type is and my goodness did I have a good laugh, since it’s definitely me.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this blog post about how to handle an INTJ. Yes… I can identify with a lot of the things listed.


INTJ Pet PEeves

I can also relate to the above list. My major pet peeves are excuses and lying. Please, just accept the responsibility and stop making excuses for your actions! I know I’m in for a pile of junk, when a person gives me a long-winded explanation for something they did wrong.

Acknowledge you were wrong (I do) and work on improving.  If I know a person well, I’ll call them out on that brand of nonsense. Thankfully, I don’t know too many people that make excuses. They accept their actions, make the appropriate corrections and move forward.


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