Missed photo opportunity; you snooze you lose

Earlier this week, I made a delightful veggie dish with black beans.

Vegetarian Black Beans n Rice_1.11.12.13

I had every intention of taking photos with my Nikon D80, but that didn’t happen. You see, the camera battery was low and so by the time my camera battery  was fully charged, my daughter had consumed most of that delightful dish. Well… she did leave some crumbs. But those pitiful scraps was hardly enough to take a decent photo.  Sobs

That just gives me a reason to recreate the dish, right?

Vegetarian Black Beans n Rice_2.11.12.13

The photos shown of my most recent black bean and veggie dish is similar to what I made earlier this week, but with a few minor updates such as the addition of the cauliflower and the tomatoes. I’m proud to say that both were picked from our garden.

Vegetarian Black Beans n Rice_3.11.12.13

I’m also happy to report, that my camera battery was fully charged so I didn’t have to wait to take these photos.  My daughter eagerly helped herself to this bean dish, and told me it was incredible.

Vegetarian Black Beans n Rice_5.11.12.13


The black beans were prepared in my Presto 8 qt. Pressure cooker. I didn’t soak the beans in advance and they cooked in about fifteen minutes, not bad at all. These beans would typically take me over an hour to prepare on our stove.

I must say, that my pressure cooker has been a blessing. Besides making nutritious meals in shorter period of time, it also saves me money since I’m not wasting as much energy to prepare the meals.

Here’s hoping there’s enough left so I can include it into her Zojirushi bento box.


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WOW! Very nice! Sorry about the missed op at first tho! Hate when that happens!
Jennifer recently posted..Bloggers For Peace


We use the canned salted black beans to fry bitter gourd or the brown ones, more for the flavour – we do not add a lot. Black beans, we do cook in clear soup but we’ve meat and dried cuttlefish added.
suituapui recently posted..A friend…