Modem went kaput

Posted by on November 18, 2013 at 9:14 am.

Yesterday, my daughter and I were running around in the virtual environment of World of Warcraft, when we lost our internet connection.

wow-battle-chestThis past Friday, I converted her trial account to a regular WoW subscription. Over the weekend, we spent a total of three hours running around in the gaming world.  Because of a Recruit a Friend, it does not take long to level. We’re currently level 15.  We could have gone a lot farther, leveling wise, if we online long. But as I told her, everything in moderation. More on that in another post.

But back to my internet connection, Initially, I thought thaWestell modemt the DSL service might be down in our area. It does not happen much. It’s only been out twice in the past six years and that was only a few hours? After chatting with one of the Verizon technicians it looks like it might be our modem. I’ve had the modem for at least ten years. I guess it’s high time I upgrade, right?

The good news is Verizon will upgrade the modem for free. We should receive it tomorrow. And what an upgrade it is. The technician told me that the modem can be connected or wireless.



  • Jennifer says:

    WOWZA! Sorry to hear about your Modem! My Father is in the process of upgrading his, too! This reminds me in a round about way I need to review a techie product soon! M-Cell…stay tuned for that!

    So cool your daughter was upgraded, too! neat! ONE of these days you are going to totally twist my arm to get into that! LOL
    Jennifer recently posted..Co-Op Finds!


    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer, It’s nice to get an upgrade modem.

    She was excited about the upgrade. She made honor roll and so I had to keep my promise by getting her a regular account. No arm twisting here, check it out if you’re interested, if you aren’t that’s fine too. 😉
    Opal recently posted..11/12/13; once in a century date


  • suituapui says:

    Ok, guess you’re connected again now. So used to being linked to the internet, quite a pain to be without it. Withdrawal symptoms creep in. LOL!!!
    suituapui recently posted..Good to see you…


    Jennifer Reply:

    I totally agree! With work and play! When the internet is down it’s awful!
    Jennifer recently posted..Carrot Almond Pate


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, No not connected. The box should be there when I arrive home today.

    I wrote that post at work. I’d written the post at home (in my head) just had to type it out when I arrived today.

    Oh I don’t mind taking breaks from the internet, I regularly take breaks from technology. Which is why, advanced posting comes in handy. Even when I’m not active online it appears that I am. 🙂
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