Monster High Doll: Meowlody; knitted and crocheted ruffle dress

Posted by on September 2, 2012 at 11:36 am.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy completing clients projects, fall gardening, canning, back to school, soccer practice, and numerous other activities that had to be accomplished. But I’ve still managed to weave my fiber arts into my busy schedule.

The featured dress below, was made last evening while my daughter and I were watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. It was created for one of my daughter’s Monster High Dolls. Meowlody. Meowlody is one of my daughter’s newest Monster High dolls. Meowlody is sold along with her Werecat twin sister Purrsephone, as a package deal. Since these dolls are new, I haven’t had a chance to make them too many things besides some cable knitted shawls.


Meowlody, my daughter’s Monster High doll, is looking stylish in this This knitted and crocheted ruffle dress.


The above dress has a knitted body, and I added a crocheted ruffle trim to the top and bottom part of the dress. Years ago, I designed and sewed a dress similar to this. It was featured in a local fashion show. Meowlody’s twin won’t be left out of the fiber creations, since I’ll be making something for Purrsephone later today. Since I didn’t have an appropriate lightweight yarn, this dress was done with worsted weight yarn, and I used my size 4 Knit Picks circular needles.

In the future I will knit outfits with a lighter yarn, and nothing above a size 0 knitting needle. I was planning on going to a local yarn store, after church today, but I’ve opted to stay home. Later this week I’ll purchase an appropriate lighter weight yarn for her Monster High dolls. I most likely will purchase the items online. The one drawback of purchasing yarn online is you can’t touch the yarn, because of this, I always rely on others reviews before purchasing.


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