More knitted washcloths…

Since my last post, about washcloths/facecloths, I’ve made two more washcloths. So…. a total of five were knitted (four washcloths and one dishcloth) while I was on Thanksgiving holiday.

Knitted washcloths_1.12.1.13
Knitted washcloths; 3 Checkered and 1 seed stitch washcloth


Two of the facecloths will be gifted to a coworker. I’m her ‘Secret Santa.’The rest are staying at the house! These aren’t the first dishcloths and washcloths I’ve knitted. I did make some last year,¬† but one day they disappeared! Of course, I knew where to look, in my daughters room. I found them on the beds of a few of my daughter’s Monster High dolls. I didn’t mind her using them, but I told her she needed to ask me first. Since that time she has.

Cotton and wool yarn_1.12.01.13
Newly added to my yarn stash; 16 skeins of Sugar N’ Creme yarn and four skeins of Paton’s Classic Wool


Yarn sales are awesome

The above photo shows all the yarn I caught on sale recently. While I normally don’t purchase yarn from craft stores, AC Moore had a sale on Paton’s Classic Wool and Lily’s Sugar N’ Creme Yarn; 4 for $5. I use Sugar N’ Creme along with Peaches¬† for knitting washcloths/dishcloths. That day, I purchased 20 skeins of yarn. By the way, Paton’s Classic wool felts wonderfully.¬† I have a few felting projects that I’d like to do within a few weeks so the sale came at the appropriate time.

Rewinding the yarn…

You know… I might go back and purchase more cotton before the sale ends. Once my gifts for my coworker are complete, I’ll pull out my yarn winder and rewind all the yarn. If you want to know why I rewind the yarn, check out my reason for doing just that in the post I wrote about my Boye electric ball winder.

Knitting washcloths/dishcloths are the perfect small project to try new knitting techniques

Since the cloths are so small they make the perfect tool for trying out new techniques. When I’m playing with new stitches/techniques the items made are usually made into something doll size so I can give to my daughter, but now since I have a great supply of cotton, I’ll be trying a few techniques with the various washcloths that I knit. The Principles of Knitting: Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting has many wonderful stitches and I plan to try a few on the various cloths that I make.

Knit two washcloths/dishcloths weekly?

Since I now have so much cotton yarn, I really have no excuse not to honor my commitment of making to handmade cloths (washcloth or dishcloth) per week, right? If I hold to that commitment, I should have a nice collection of both in about six months.

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Hiya! LOVE that green! One can never have enough knitted wash cloths! They look great!
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[…] Last week, I mentioned that I would attempt to make a minimum of two washcloths per week. […]