Zojirushi Lunch Jar: Hot lunch = huge success

Posted by on October 31, 2014 at 6:00 am.

You know something? My daughter still religiously totes around her Zojurushi lunch jar. Most of the days it comes home empty. However, there are some days when that’s not always the case. In those instances, it’s normally because her teacher, before lunch, has went over and has cut into their lunch time.

Oh by the way, this is an advanced post.

Daughters Lunch_1 10.30.14

Zojirushi Lunch jar: Hot and cold meals


Yesterday morning, I added this to her Zojirushi lunch jar…

Daughters Lunch_2 10.30.14

Zojirushi Lunch Jar: Chicken & Rice


Chicken and rice. The Chicken is actually homemade chicken tenders that I’d made earlier in the week. I roughly chopped and added rice and a bit of Himalyan sea salt. I thought about adding additional spices, but my daughter likes a plain chicken and rice dish a times so that’s what we went with.


Daughters Lunch_3 10.30.14

Green Salad: Kale harvested from our garden


My daughter loves her salad. These greens came from our garden. My daughters loves her salad. In addition to the greens, I added a bit of raisins. In hindsight I should have added walnuts.

Daughters Lunch_4 10.30.14

Sweet potatoes harvested from our garden


These are mashed sweet potatoes to which has been added a dab of butter, cinnamon and organic sugar. A simple delightful treat. You would think that was enough dessert for my daughter, but no….



Pretzel rods and Chocolate chip coconut cookies

As you can see, she has a pretzel rod in one cupcake liner. And the remaining two liners are housing two chocolate coconut cookies.
What’s in her thermos? Why Hibiscus water kefir… my daughter loves naturally water kefir soda. She said this particular flavor tastes like cherry soda.
And there you have it, a healthy homemade lunch. The only “processed foods” with the exception of the pretzel rods was made by me. It doesn’t get any better than that. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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